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Aisha was one of the wives of Muhammad. She was the only one of his wives who was a virgin when he married her. She grew to be a strong-willed woman. Aisha was once accused of adultery but declared innocent. After Muhammad’s death, “in Aisha’s arms,” according to Sunni doctrine, she took on a more active role. She recorded 2,210 hadith, or recollections of Muhammad used in Islam to supplement and clarify Koranic teachings. She even led an armed rebellion against a longtime adversary. This was called the Battle of the Camel, because she commanded her troops riding on a camel. She lost and her importance was rejected over time. All but 174 of her hadith were discarded.

Most of these comments come from a book called Half the Sky. I can give you more information later if you want! Pick any part of Aisha’s life to write about! Love, Mom

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  1. Cole says:

    Mom, thanks for requiring some research. I look forward to learning about Aisha.

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