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Apples fell on my head, out of the tree! They were already peeled. There was a monkey in the tree, and he peeled them and threw them down to us.


Yeeesh!  Alright, folks, here it is.  I like it, and I like it a lot better with the color work, but it took a loooonnnnggg time.  Here’s a tip:  Learning to draw is not like learning to ride a bike.  I think I’ve forgotten almost everything.  Thank goodness I can stick to writing from here on out for a while!  Also of note: I have come to the conclusion that computers possess a magical ability to break down when they are needed most.  The last couple of days have been rife with challenges to my mental stability.  And even now, at the exact moment  I’m finally ready to post this, a pigeon has just gotten itself stuck in the furnace vent pipe eight feet from my head.  Nevertheless!  Without further ado, I present:

Serious Monkey


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13 Comments to “3/21/11-AUDREY BENNETT”

  1. Cole Bennett says:

    I love that this one is my first. And I’m terrified. :)

  2. Owen says:

    I figured out that when Flip put it on her head! And I want Mommy to read it again.

  3. Steve Kay says:

    Terrific! Audrey has a great future ahead of her (and so does her daddy).

  4. Pat Bennett says:

    Love the story and the drawings! I think you have a future in children’s books.

  5. Jen says:

    This is absofreakinglutely awesome.

  6. Cole Bennett says:

    Aw thanks guys!

  7. Joe says:

    A flip reply. Flip a coin. Flip or Flack. To flip or not to flip. Is that a question?
    How close to flip is slip? A slip of the tongue is a kind of flip. Our politicians, Steve Kay excepted, often flip-flop. We’re glad they do. But Flip wouldn’t flip-flop. He knows what he likes and so do we.

  8. Sean Gladding says:

    so you write. and draw. and can use software to combine images. i’m with pat.

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