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Setting: why, San Francisco, of course

It’s a story of a person’s journey there. Maybe we know their name, maybe we don’t. Maybe we know their gender, maybe we don’t (maybe they don’t).

Their purpose at least for traveling there is not the journey that results. Their purpose is for something mundane — work? a one-off show of their favorite musical performer? meeting a distant relative in a midway location?

What results, of course, is the discovery of a magical place where people of all shapes, sizes, skins, etc truly fit.

Our character has very sensory-laden interactions with this magical place, and (lucky us!) we get to go along for the ride. All their sensory conversations with this place draw their attention to what’s happening there, that in this place, anything is possible. And maybe, just maybe, this place is the model for the future.

Maybe our character has some self-realization along the way, or maybe it’s enough to see what humanity is capable of building for a change, as opposed to witnessing what seems to be our innate ability to relish in inflicting harm.

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  1. Cole Bennett says:

    Eric, I *love* it! This is one of those potentially surreal stories that has very few boundaries. I plan on taking a lot of liberties with this one.

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