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Cole! :) I couldn’t figure out how to post these to the blog, but I wanted to give you a multiple choice submission!  Whichever of these three photos tells you the biggest story is what you should write about.  Give yourself 60 seconds with each one, and whatever has the most “spark” after that time, is your muse!

Good luck:)

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  1. COLE BENNETT says:

    Amy, this is so unfair!

    Alright, first pic, “underthedesk”: Quite evocative, especially with the image title. I like it.

    Second pic, “chandelier”: Would seemingly be something that would feed my imagination, but I don’t know, it didn’t take off. My mind may have already been too steeped in the grungy plain reality of the first image to start seeing these orbs in some fantastic way.

    Third pic, “faceplant”: Gah! I laughed several times out loud. Reeeeeaaallllly wanted to write about this one. I don’t have anything in the project yet that’s patently hilarious, and I want to do some humor pieces. But the more I though about it, the more I realized pics like this are perfect because they’re only that moment – extrapolating it loses the fun. :(

    So I guess I’ve decided on the first one (which is actually why I didn’t write anything about it here). I like what it makes me think of; I think there’s a lot of potential. I also suspect it’s a picture you took (haha), and hope that’s why there’s more reality to it. Don’t take my story personally!

    Looking forward to it! Thanks so much for getting into the project!

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