One writer's experiment to tackle any subject his friends come up with.

Welll ALLLLLLLLRIGHTY then! Go Cole! I want you to write a love story… Mad scientist woman works for large Monsanto-like corporate pharma-conglomerate and is on the verge of discovering a break-through in molecular healing, basically a “fountain of youth” that would allow our cells to regenerate and recover from any disease at all. She falls […]

Two boys (about 10 years old) are riding their bikes and knocking down mailboxes with baseball bats in a rural community. One of the mailboxes bursts open to reveal an interesting package. What’s in the package? Do the boys open it? What do they do with the contents? How will this affect them?  

Three parallel stories in the “not-to-distant” future, introduced at the opening: Grave robber exhuming remains of two graves: Old man, not particularly likable but nothing against him (crotchety) It may be best to refer to him in pronouns only (He / his / etc., third-person quasi-omnipotent) Professional woman working with SETI: In a time of economic […]

A young man or woman with a terminal illness is granted the ability to perform one miracle.

Mandala. Study circle on healing racial divisions. Woman turning 40. Green algae. Child knitting prodigy – male or female, your choice. The 2nd Prelude and Fugue (but especially the prelude) from The Well-Tempered Klavier. Jamal Mashburn.   I thought you’d find a way to bring them all together.  I was inspired by your open invitation, […]

Four different types of knights at a princess’s birthday. A dragon comes, and one of the knights fights the dragon and cuts off his spikes. The dragon uses all his fire on the knight’s shield, then has to go to the gas station to get more.

An affordable drug that makes you profoundly content for an 8 hour stretch even if working but can cause seizures if you use any electronic screen.

Idea: Guy putting on socks for run notices bump near ankle. During run pain gets worse and worse, then unbearable. Man sits, picks and digs, pulls small media disc from leg. Goes home and it’s photos of him at different moments in time. Go!

Aisha was one of the wives of Muhammad. She was the only one of his wives who was a virgin when he married her. She grew to be a strong-willed woman. Aisha was once accused of adultery but declared innocent. After Muhammad’s death, “in Aisha’s arms,” according to Sunni doctrine, she took on a more […]

Setting: why, San Francisco, of course It’s a story of a person’s journey there. Maybe we know their name, maybe we don’t. Maybe we know their gender, maybe we don’t (maybe they don’t). Their purpose at least for traveling there is not the journey that results. Their purpose is for something mundane — work? a […]


The beauty of cancer.

A night in Paris. And it has to make me cry.

Here’s a story: of a man named Brady, who was bringing up three lonely little boys. Each of them had hair of gold, like their mother, though she could not be found.

Some inspiration, some encouragement, and a bit of fun for all. That’s all he wanted from his Facebook writing “contest.” But the 37-year-old architect and writer from Lexington, Ky, got more than he bargained for.

Uh, kinda taken up with a combo of school finals prep and HONK! fest prep…how bout you write about a dumbass volunteer marching band on a 16 hour bus trip to we know not what. –I guarantee I’ll certainly have plenty to write about, if I murder no one and no one murders me.  We […]


  All she wanted to do at the end of a long day was take a hot bath…. but as soon as she began to soak and finally let go of the excitement of the day, she felt a strange lightning sensation in her toe. The energy and electricity continued to build until it finally […]


Cole! :) I couldn’t figure out how to post these to the blog, but I wanted to give you a multiple choice submission!  Whichever of these three photos tells you the biggest story is what you should write about.  Give yourself 60 seconds with each one, and whatever has the most “spark” after that time, […]

I young (seven year) old boy falls in love with a beautiful girl named Lisa, who moves into town and start into school. He has never felt such a strong desire and attraction for any person or anything before. He is in love. One day, he takes a camera his dad gave him to school […]

I have lived a good life with no regrets…Mrs. Frances Smallwood.

A 45 year old refuge woman from Bhutan arrives in the United States by stepping off the plane in Lexington, KY. Her first task is to get groceries. From her perspective! I want all 5 senses fleshed out! :)

Unfortunately, I have two ideas and can’t decide between them. Please pick the one you find the most interesting and/or compelling: 1) Two aliens from different planets meet in a trendy SoHo night club. 2) You’re the only passenger in a particular subway car late at night when you suddenly notice a trap door opening […]

The basic idea is I introduced a character to write a story around.  Neurotic, way off.  Very frank internal dialog.  His normal routine had been disturbed by a recent, surprising brush with competence.  This has him caught in the grip of fear and paranoia.  The scene ends with him walking through the doors of the […]

Owen’s idea: Write a story about Owen. He does lots of tricks, like hopping on one foot and flips. And ends up in the circus. and p.s. He misses you Uncle Cole

Maggie’s idea: Bing. A little girl named Beema got to play with lillies. So she went off to play with lillies and she grabbed all the flowers up. She just got them and went home. She put the flowers down. She got the flowers back up and went to the park. She went and told […]

My idea: A crazy woman who saw Toy Stoy and now she’s afraid that the toys in her house come to life when she leaves the room (This could probably go scary, but it shouldn’t – it should be funny)